Our Story

From a humble beginning, we are passionate plant geeks who handled plants with the belief that they are just like any other living creature – they each have their unique needs to be met in order to show their best sides. Plants and flowers are our greatest joy, and we will make every effort to ensure they get tender loving care.

There is always new plant knowledge discovered being in this business of horticulture, just like how plants adapt and adjust to their environment. We are continuously learning and improving ourselves. After all, they are more than just plants; they are living, breathing creatures that we have much to learn from.

Here at Lai Seng Florist, we are committed to bringing the beauty of nature through plants to every individual, whether one is a budding plant parent or an experienced one. From indoor, outdoor plants to gardening needs, we aim to provide friendly and approachable services.

The Guardians of Our Plant Nursery: