Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
We are located at 6 Bedok South Rd.

What do you offer in your plant nursery?
You can find indoor plants, outdoor plants and trees, dry goods, pots and planters, gardening equipment, gardening ornaments, and other gardening needs at our plant nursery!

How will payment be like in the online shop?
The online shop takes payment via PayPal. This is done intentionally so that your credit card information is kept within PayPal and we have no access to them. We will only keep records of your name, contact number, email address, and delivery address to contact you for orders placed online.

Why are there so few items listed in the online shop?
We have only listed a small percentage of our inventory and will be taking more photos to gradually add more items over time! We seek your patience and understanding. You may contact us to check on the availability of plants and items if you have some in mind. We will be happy to check them for you!

Do you accept cash-on-delivery?
No, we do not. We operate on the basis of receiving payments first, then dispatching it.

When will my online order be delivered?
Our deliveries are scheduled on Friday and Saturday; sometimes on Sunday if there is a need to. We will schedule your orders as soon as we can!

Who will execute the delivery?
The delivery personnel will be Lai Seng Florist employees. We do not use third-party platforms to execute our deliveries.


How much should I water them?
Having the right amount of water is important – succulents survive well in drought but will die when over-watered. The amount of water you should be giving your succulents will be based on where they are placed.

We provide a syringe for every purchase of the DIY Succulent Kit. Do make use of the syringe for watering your succulents, and direct it only towards the gravels and not the plant. Add 5ml/10ml/15ml of water (depending on how big your pot is) once a month, or when it is completely dry. 

For pots without a drainage hole, we suggest that watering should be done cautiously and giving less water would be fine. When water is unable to drain, the tendency of succulent root rot is high.

Where should I place them?
Succulents will survive best when it is placed somewhere with good airflow and sufficient sunlight. When indoors, you can place them under light (for example, right under a lamp) or by the window. If outdoors, anywhere with bright morning light will be perfect, and do note that the harsh afternoon sunlight will cause sunburn on the succulent leaves.