Being under the same management, Lai Seng Florist operates closely with landscape design and gardening company, Lee Heng Garden Services, and floral studio, Knovus, offering our customers a list of extended services.


Presenting your loved one with a bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers is an expression of love. The joy of gifting and receiving flowers is a wonderful feeling that brightens up anyone’s day. There is a bouquet of flowers for every occasion and they are available here!

Landscape Design & Build

Every gorgeous landscape begins with a great design. We develop forward-thinking, sustainable landscape designs that take into consideration future maintenance. Be it a new or existing garden, our team will navigate challenging environments and issues to ensure your dream garden comes to life.

Landscape Maintenance

It takes some tender loving care to keep your garden looking well-groomed, and having professional landscape maintenance makes all the difference. We offer landscape maintenance services that ensure your plants are consistently green, healthy, and weed-free. Our weekly or monthly maintenance includes pruning, watering, aerating, leaf removal, and general cleaning up.

Event Plant Display

Plant display comprises more than just placing pots of plants and flowers in the event area. It is about creating natural aesthetics in the environment that help build your brand and engage your guests. Display areas include stage, rostrum, conference or exhibition space, and table centerpiece.


Turfing your landscape is the best way to keep your side of the grass greener. Our turfing services include grass planting, lawn replacement, and re-turfing with carpet grass or cow grass, both of which are easy to grow and sturdy to maintain.

Vertical Green Wall

We design indoor and outdoor vertical green walls that are tailored to your aesthetical and spatial requirements. Whether you are building a vertical urban landscape or a green wall for your office, we have the systems and plants to achieve the green experience.

Tree Pruning

We provide certified tree pruning services that involve the removal of upper tree branches. To promote healthy growth, trees should be pruned and shaped regularly to remove the dead and dying branches. This will prevent them from falling and causing harm to you and your properties.

Arboriculture Consultancy

Sometimes known as ‘tree surgeons’, we are certified arborists who are licensed to provide tree health assessment and tree removal services. This includes tree condition survey, removal of deadwood, crowning, and pollarding. We are trained to do so professionally without endangering the tree, people, or surrounding properties.

Green Roof

Thinking of building that luxurious rooftop garden? We can help you turn that thought into a reality. We offer an end-to-end green roof solution that ranges from conceptualization, planning, transporting of trees and plants to completion.